September 25, 2015
 Starting dates of ULEB-member Leagues' championships
The new clubs season is coming. In fact, it's already on, as the British BBL started last Friday and Austria's Admiral Bundesliga had its opening game played last night with Güssing Knights defeating Raiffeisen Wels 89-70. These are the starting dates for the top competition, the national chaampionship, in each of the other countries:

- LITHUANIA'S Tete-a-Tete LKL: September 30
- GERMANY's Beko BBL: October 1
- FRANCE's Pro A and BELGIUM's Scooore League: October 2
- SWITZERLAND's LNA and VTB United League: October 3
- ITALY's Serie A Beko: October 4
- NETHERLAND's DBL: October 6
- POLAND's Tauron Basket Liga: October 8
- ISRAEL's Winner League, CZECH REPUBLIC's Kooperativa NBL, GREECE's Basket League Scratch and SPAIN's Liga Endesa: October 10

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