August 31, 2015
 German League appoints new Managing Director
The German League has issued the following release:

Dr. Stefan Holz is the new managing director of the Basketball Bundesliga GmbH. Therewith, an experienced media and marketing manager was chosen to replace Jan Pommer.

" I am delighted to stimulate the Vision 2020 of the Beko BBL and to further extend the excellent development the league experienced during the past ten years, due to Jan Pommer. In addition, I would like to induce further steps of development, especially in the areas of media and marketing ", Holz states. " It is going to be challenging to further promote the Beko BBL and German basketball in general, by confidentially cooperating with the clubs, the DBB and our partners ".

The 48 year old economist, who originally worked as management consultant, spent the past years freelancing for renowned media companies and owners of sports rights in Germany and Switzerland, such as Media Sports Consulting and Sports Rights Solutions. Previously, he was managing director within the Dolce Media-Gruppe and responsible for marketing activities regarding Wetten, dass ..? and Thomas Gottschalk. In addition, he does not only provide a deep knowledge within the German media and sports marketing scene, but also a large network of contacts and a sound know-how in brand management.

" Dr. Stefan Holz is our favorite candidate ", Alexander Reil, president of the AG Basketball Bundesliga, says. " The executive board, representing all the clubs, is looking forward to a good, successful cooperation with our new managing director. Of course we would also like to thank Jan Pommer for his excellent work ", Reil adds. " He essentially contributed to the positive development of the Beko BBL over the past ten years and we are wishing him all the best for his future tasks ".

Furthermore, Jens Staudenmayer will be taking over the responsibilities for the mercantile management of the Beko BBL, in addition to his work as sports administrator. Thereby, he can benefit from his previous work experiences with financial concerns. Being the future authorized officer, Staudenmayer is going to strengthen the four-eyeprinciple with the GmbH.

To find out more on the German Basketball League, please click here. The German League is on Twitter at @BekoBBL.