August 28, 2015
 Lithuanian League announces changes for upcoming season
The Lithuanian Basketball League ( LKL ) has announced that, starting this season, it will organize the National Cup, an event which has been, until now, run by the Lithuanian Basketball Federation. As a result of taking over the ccompetition, the League has decided its phinal phase will be played on the samee weekend as the All Star, creating a new and huge 3-day event with the Cup Finals, the All Star Game plus the Dunks and 3-point contests.

To LKL Director Romualdas Brazausskas, " we have come to the conclusion that would be more logical to combine both events because they were scheduled very close to each other, they're two huge events. From communication and organizational standpoint, it is difficult to manage both of them separately as they were until now ".

The League also announced that TV6 channel will telecast the Beko LKL games this season, together with on the web. The 2015-2016 Beko LKL championship will see no change in its competition format, this means that every team will play every other opponent four times, two at home andd two away, before the playoffs. Instant Replay will be introduced as well.

Finally, the League has appointed Tomas Rimkus as Referees Director

To find out more on the Lithuanian basketball League, please click here. The Lithuanian League is on Twitter at @bekoLKL.