December 9, 2014
 ABA Liga launches stickers collection
For the first time ever, a true excitement for all generations, the ABA League publishes its official sticker album so that fans can collect the stars of ABA League championship.

To bring basketball closer to fans, ABA League aims to inventing something new every new season and help the fans to enjoy the basketball magic even more. For this reason, the sticker album is or will be available in a short period of time in the ABA League countries, depending on the sticker distribution.

For those who will collect all the stickers in the album, ABA League has prepared special prizes. But of course, nothing can compare with the delight of filling an empty box with a sticker of a well known or favourite player.

To find out more on the Adriatic League, please log on to ABAofficial website. The ABA Liga is also on Twitter at @ABA_liga.