November 28, 2014
 ACB unveils Copa del Rey site for 2016
The Spanish League ACB has announced that the Copa del Rey, the Final 8-format Cup competition of the 2015-2016 season will take place in A Coruņa.

To ACB President Francisco Roca, " It's important expanding the brand and go to cities and communities who haven't lived a Copa del Rey in a while. Despite the high requirements of a tournament of this caliber, A Coruņa will be the tenth different venue to host it in the last 14 years. Basketball is alive in the region of Galicia, as every home game of Rio Natura Monbus Obradoiro shows, and this is a community that has always lagged in organizing events of basketball."

The 2015-16 Copa del Rey will return to A Coruņa in February 2016, 23 years after the last time it has held in that city ( 1993 ). Rio Natura Monbus Obradoiro will play as a host together with the 7 best teams in the Liga Endesa standings at half of the competition's regular season. The event will be held at the 10,000-seat Coliseum.

This season's Cup will be held at Gran Canaria arena, home of the Herbalife Gran Canaria, February 19-22, 2015.

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