July 19, 2013
 Austrian League closes an economical successful year
Now that season 2012 - 2013 is over, it's time to concentrate the action off the court, and the Austrian League has never had such a succesful season like the one we just left behind.

The Marketing revenues have skyrocketed in the last five years from a base of just over 100.000 euros to 350.000 this year, - more than triple -. Even more gratifying is the fact that thanks to the Markting effort, six years after closing the 2006/07 season with a negative balance of 30.000 euros, the League has now a surplus of 250.000 euros.

One reason for this positive development is the fact that the ABL is becoming increasingly attractive to sponsors. United Synergies has encountered a TV media value of 4.3 million euros for this past season ( compared to just 3 millions in 2009-10 season ).

The only negative figure: as it happens with other Leagues, the ABL is suffering from a decline in TV viewers. Although it's been just a 3 % in relation to season 11-12, which is a figure about which most other sports in Austria would be happy with. Nevertheless, the ABL came to the conclusion that an investment in human resources is necessary for survival for the clubs in marketing ( sponsorship / ticketing ) and it would and could immediately improve the profitability of the ABL members.

The aim of the League is, therefore, together with the clubs, to develop a model to create human resources in the areas of marketing and ticketing under the basic idea of creating financial incentives for clubs employees in this area. It is planned that part of the distributions of the League to the clubs is to be earmarked for labor costs of these employees. There will be intensive discussions with the teams to seek a system for the upcoming season, since this topic is one of the biggest problems that the ADMIRAL Basketball Bundesliga is currently facing.

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