July 5, 2013
 Swiss championship LNA will have 8 teams next season
The Swiss League ( LNBA ) has announced that the top basketball championship in the country, the LNA, will consist of 8 teams in season 2013-14. Each side will play 28 games during the regular season, with the top 4 in standings advancing to a best-of-5 semifinal, with the winners playing, for the first time, a best-of-7 Finals.

The 8 participating teams will be BBC Monthey, BC Boncourt Red Team, Fribourg Olympic, defending champ Les Lions de Genève, Lugano Tigers, Energy Investments Massagno, Starwings Basket Regio Basel and Union Neuchâtel Basket. SAV Vacallo Basket has withdrawn of thre competition, while BBC Nyon has requested and obtained a license to play in second dicision championship ( LNB ), and BC Alte Kanti Aarau has renounced to be promoted into LNA. The competition will start on Saturday October 5 and there will be no reletaions at the end of the season.

On the other side, François Barras will stay as President of the Swiss League ( LNBA ) for one more season. Bastien Greiger is the new Vice President of the League and will be the candidate to replace Barras at the end of next season.

To find out more on the Swiss League, please log on to LNBAofficial website.