June 26, 2013
 HEBA President speaks on OPAP TV
With the clubs competition over a few days now, Greek League President Giorgos Chalvatzakis answered questions related to current events in OPAP.tv in the internet, and started with an assessment of the season:

"The balance of the year is definitely positive. After the end of the season we can now say it was very good, much better than expected. We had several issues to solve last summer. We had a problem with the licenses, issues with how many teams would start the championship. Even whether Panathinaikos, entering a new era, would be at the level of previous years. Eventually everything went well. We found that we had a very competitive league at all levels, sure with Panathinaikos and Olympiacos on a top level, but there was serious competition in all positions. We will talk with clubs to say that they made a huge effort to improve. The issues we have to resolve are mainly economic. We want to work on the regulations and complete a TV deal. This year we did something new, signing a multi-year TV agreement for 12 of the teams which is going to provide clubs with a stability in the coming seasons "

The full interview, in Greek, is available at http://www.esake.gr/main/index.php?pl=2&lng=gr&pfpar=YXJ0aWQ9NjcyMQ==

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