Jul - 08 - 2002

ULEB assembly approves 32-team ULEB Cup

The assembly of the Union of European Basketball Leagues (ULEB), meeting today, July 7, 2002 in Barcelona, Spain, has approved the creation of a new European competition, the ULEB Cup, which will debut with the upcoming 2002-03 basketball season.

The ULEB Cup Competition System

The new competition will consist of the participation of 32 teams. In the first phase, they will compete in four groups of eight teams over 14 weeks of play. The four top teams of each group will advance to an elimination phase. In this phase, the eighth-, quarter and semifinals will be played in a two-game, home-away format, while the final will be one single game.

Countries that have not covered the maximum quota of four berths in the Euroleague may earn an extra berth, to be occupied by the ULEB Cup champion, in the subsequent Euroleague. In its next assembly, the Euroleague will study the possibility of this berth not counting against its maximum quota of four teams per country.

The criteria for player eligibility and competition management, as well as the disciplinary regime and doping control will conform to those of the Euroleague.


The ULEB Cup will be played on Tuesdays and the schedule will run parallel to the Euroleague calendar, starting on October 8 and proceeding through the semifinals, which will end April 15. The single-game final will be played April 29.

Rights of Participation

The 32 berths in the ULEB Cup will be distributed in the following manner:
4 berths each: Spain, Italy and Greece
3 berths each: France and the Adriatic League
2 berths each: Germany, Belgium and Portugal
1 berth each: Turkey, Israel, Russia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Switzerland, Great Britain and Holland.

Those clubs who renounce a berth assigned to them in the ULEB Cup in order to participate in FIBA competitions will not be able to participate in future competitions organized by the ULEB

Registration Period and Draw

The registration of teams will take place during the upcoming week, so that the draw can be held the following Tuesday, July 16.