The professional basketball leagues of Italy, Spain and France founded the ULEB on June 25th 1991 in Rome. In 1996 the leagues of Greece and Portugal joined the ULEB. The Union of Professional Basketball Leagues was created with the aim of establishing, within FIBA and respecting the relationships with the corresponding federations, all the possible connections between the activities and initiatives of all the participating leagues.

From September 1991 to March 1998 the ULEB was presided over by Gian Luigi Porelli. On March 18th 1998 in Paris, Eduardo Portela (President of ACB - Spanish League) was elected President of the ULEB.

In December 1999 the ULEB was extended with the joining of the leagues of Belgium, England and Switzerland.

In October 2001 it was enlarged with the Leagues of Germany, Holland and Poland.

In February 2002 the Adriatic League, in October 2002 the League of Austria, in June 2003 the League of Lithuania, in January 2004 the League of Czech Republic joined the ULEB and finally in July 2005 was extended with the league of Israel. The ULEB currently represents a total number of 16 professional Basketball Leagues from Europe.

Barcelona, July 2005