Mar - 17 - 2000


Today, Friday 17th March 2000 the representatives of the leagues of Italy, Greece, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland have held a meeeting in Milan, together with representants of the following clubs.

AEK BC Fortitudo Bolonia C Estudiantes SAD
Peristeri BC Pallacanestro Treviso CDB Sevilla SAD
Olympiakos BC Pallacanestro Varese FC Barcelona
Panathinaikos BC Virtus Bolonia Real Madrid CF
PAOK BC   Saski Baskonia SAD

(AEK Athens coludn't attend and they had delegated their voice to the representants of the Greek League)

The clubs and the leagues present at the meeting held today in Milan have heard the report of the ULEB's President on the informative session that FIBA called last March 15th, 2000, in order to talk about the Euroleague, and to which he attended as the representative of the nine clubs that have participated in the Euroleague's present season.

The clubs have expressed their disappointment for the results of the informative session, since it is stated that FIBA does not accept the possibility of negotiate with the clubs, and nothing has happened in the sense to change the position expressed by the clubs and the leagues during the Barcelona's meeting.

In view of the foregoing, the clubs have asked the ULEB to study and work on some alternative proposals that could be discussed in next meetings held by the clubs and the leagues