Feb - 25 - 2000


Today, Friday 25st February 2000, FIBA General Manager, Mr. Borislav Stankovic, and ULEB President, Mr. Eduardo Portela, have held a meeting at FIBAs site in Munich. Patrick Bauman, for FIBA, and Jordi Bertomeu and Josep Vendrell for ULEB have also taken part in the meeting.

Mr. Eduardo Portela has submitted the decalogue agreed on last Wednesday in Barcelona to FIBAs head. This decalogue was approved by 14 Greek, Italian and Spanish club representatives and the representatives of their respective leagues (Lega, HEBA and ACB).

The ULEB President has informed Borislav Stankovic about the clubs intention of having more involvement in the European competition configuration and he has submitted a reform project for the new European League and for a second competition that would bind the current Saporta and Korac Cups to the FIBA head. Regarding the economic aspects, he has requested the cancellation of the agreement between FIBA and ISL for the assignment of the television rights.

After this statement, FIBA has undertaken to study these proposals. Firstly, they are going to include them in the subjects for discussion in the meeting the Competitions Commission will hold the next 3rd of March. Finally these proposals will be submitted to the Central Bureau in the meeting the FIBA's highest managing body will hold next the 24th and 25th of March in Munich