Apr - 15 - 1999


The ULEBs meeting held in Munich has assembled the representatives of 15 European Countries Leagues and has asked FIBA for the recognition of this body.

The European Basketball Leagues Union (ULEB), an organization presided over by Eduardo Portela where the French (LNB), Italian (Lega), Greek (HEBA), Spanish (ACB) and Portuguese (LCB) Leagues are represented, held a meeting in Munich with the managers of 10 European leagues: Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Yugoslavia. The representatives of those leagues have been informed about the development of ULEBs project; the FIBAs Secretary General, Mr. Borislav Stankovic, also attended the meeting.

ULEB members have written a joint statement, asking for FIBAs official recognition. The statement includes the following points:

ULEB declares that all its members are entities recognized by their respective national federations, which they collaborate with, and whose work develops according to FIBA and ULEB rules.
ULEB members have committed to work on the process of joining of new members.
ULEB will call a new meeting after the next FIBAs Standing Conference (which will be held in may). At such meeting the new bylaws will be discussed and submitted to FIBAs approval.
The Secretary General of FIBA, Borislav Stankovic has committed himself to put forward a proposal for the official recognition of the ULEB as a FIBA body.

ULEB was founded in Rome last 25th of June, 1991 by the Italian, French and Spanish leagues. In 1996 the Portuguese and Greek leagues joined the ULEB. Eduardo Portela has been the ULEBs president since July 1998.