Set - 18 - 1998


The most outstanding conclusions of the ULEBs meeting, held today in Lisbon are the following: on the one hand, the project to organize an unofficial Tournament, where the winners of the main basketball professional European leagues would participate and, on the other hand, a proposal to regulate the functions of players agents at a european level.

The representatives of the 5 countries making part of the ULEB, have assembled today in Lisbon. Andrea Fadini (representative of the Italian Lega), Manuel Aurelio Cruz (President of LCB of Portugal), Jean Bayle-Lespitau (President of LNB of France), Costas Rigas (Director General of HEBA of Greece) and Eduardo Portela (President of ACB and ULEB).

ULEB members have agreed to study the organization of a Winners Tournament, where the winner teams of the corresponding national competitions would participate. This unofficial Tournament might take place whether in the pre-season or at the end of the official season, depending on calendars.

ULEB also approached the necessity to regulate the figure of agents at a European level, as UEFA did. In order to do so, a proposal of regulation will be sent to FIBA, with the object of its possible application.

With regard to the promotion of basketball, the five aforementioned countries have subscribed the 3x3 "Liga Global" Project, a traditional basketball competition regulated through Internet, where the collaboration of the European Community is expected.

Besides that, the ULEB has declared its intention of going forward in harmony with the official bodies; therefore, the ULEB has asked FIBA for its official recognition.

The next ULEB meeting will take place in Athens at the beginning of 1999.

Coinciding with this meeting, ULEBs President Eduardo Portela, seizing the opportunity of his stay in Lisbon, held a meeting with the Portuguese Sports Minister, Mr. Miranda Callha, to whom Mr. Portela presented the ULEBs project. They also discussed about the reality of the portuguese basketball professional league that is nowadays living an increasing phase.