Jul - 11 - 2000


Jordi Bertomeu

CEO of the Euroleague: " I want to express my gratitude to PAOK BC and its President for having provided us with an excellent organization and warm hospitality during our stay in Thassaloniki. This is the first event of the Euroleague that has been hosted by one of the clubs and it is a great satisfaction to see their level of commitment and the great efforts they have shown to make it a success."

" The player transfers will be valid for both national as well as international competitions and I don't expect that any federations will give us problems because that would mean they would be boycotting their own leagues. None of the Federations have threatened their players or teams with this, so I assume that we will have no problems in this area., especially considering that it is not legally possible for them to do so."

"FIBA has made comments about our contract with Telefonica Media and \that seems odd to me when no one knows anything about their contract with ISL. We have chosen the path we will follow and we hope that others will respect us as we have always respected them."

"The Euroleague will receive 35 million dollars for each of the 5 years of our contract with Telefonica Media, as well as 25% of the profits of the new company. This has been the case from our first negotiations. Once it was accepted, the clubs decided how it was to be divided among them. This is one of the basic principles of our new project."

Costas Rigas (Chief of Referees):

"The situation of creating a body of referees has been more difficult for us because of the pressures from FIBA and the National Federations, but we are finding solutions. We will have 45 referees, 30 with experience and 15 rookies. We have already received very positive responses and we have a significant number of officials that are coming to us with the desire of taking part in the Euroleague. We will have referees from many countries."