Jun - 7 - 2000



FIBA: Mr. Mainini, Mr Stankovic and Mr Baumann
Italian Federation: Mr. Troncarelli and Mr Blasetti
Spanish Federation: Mr. Segura de Luna
Greek Federation: Mr. Vassilakopoulos
ULEB: Mr. Portela, Mr. Bertomeu and Mr. Vendrell
Virtus Bolonia: Mr. Brunamonti and Mr. Macchiavelli

The only argument that has taken place during the meeting has been if its objective was to discuss and change over proposals or to listen to the FIBA proposal in order to forward them to the clubs in the meeting that will be held next 9th of June.

Since the moment he was called to the meeting, the ULEB President had exposed, by telephone and in writing, that his mandate was limited to be the receiver of the FIBA proposals, as a consequence of the decisions adopted by the clubs in the meeting held last 29th of May.

As a consequence of the aforementioned, there was not any discussion or interchange of opinions about the FIBA offers, nor requests of the clubs during the meeting. The ULEB representatives, according to their mandate, just took note of the FIBA proposals and of FIBA's request of the attendance of two people to the meeting that will be held the 9th of June, asking for 24 hours to answer to this request.

To sum up, the FIBA proposal consists of summoning a meeting of the Bureau next 26th of June (date changed in the FIBA's note for the 16th of June) in which the following subjects will be submitted for approval:

1.- Centralization of Television and Internet rights.

a) The contract signed with the company ISL stands, whether with regard to the quantities, to the term of applicability and to the contents of the rights that are assigned. FIBA stands in its condition of owner of the aforementioned rights.

b) ISL could collaborate with the clubs that ask for it to develop a campaign of merchandising and licensing, in order to see the possibility of obtaining more income for these clubs.

c) It will be studied the possibility of that these clubs could use some image of the games to spread it by Internet, but with an undetermined time of delay with regard of the live and recorded broadcasting done by the Channel to which ISL had sold the rights.

2.- Competition.

a) As of the 2001/2002 season and for a period of 3 years, that is to say, until the 2003/ 2004 season, 3 posts for Greece, Italy and Spain and two for Turkey and France are guaranteed. One of these posts is reserved for the champion of the national competition. The others remain to the decision of the National Federations, which could designate the teams they think appropriate every year. From the beginning no club has the post guaranteed for a 3 years period.

b) The second phase of the championship is eliminated and it is substituted by play-off of eighth final and quarterfinal. The Final Four stands.

3. Participation of the clubs in the management of the competition

a) FIBA is maintained as the owner of the company that manages the competition. The participation of the clubs and the leagues is not contemplated.
b) There will be a majority of clubs only in the Committee of Economic Control of the Suproleague.
c) The decisions concerning to regulations, playing systems, eligibility of players, referees, discipline, management of the competition, contracting with third parties, appointment of those responsible for the management, etc. correspond to the bodies of government of FIBA.

The clubs will study these proposals in the meeting that will be held next 9th of June, and will face them up to the decisions approved in the meeting that took place last May 29th. Therefore they will be able to decide if such proposals meet their aspirations and needs to achieve a top European competition.