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ULEB History

The professional Leagues of Italy, Spain and France founded ULEB in Rome the 25th of June of 1991. In 1996, the leagues of Greece and Portugal joined the ULEB. The Union of Professional Basketball Leagues was born with the aim to carry out, within FIBA’s bosom and respecting the relationships with the corresponding federations, all the possible connections between the activities and the initiatives of all the participating leagues.

From 1991 to 1998 the ULEB was presided by Gian Luigi Porelli. The 2nd of July of 1998, Eduardo Portela was elected to be in the presidency.

Last December 14th, 1999, the ULEB was extended with the joining of the Leagues of Belgium, England and Switzerland. It was also approved that the League of Poland would be automatically admitted once it has completed the process of change of its Bylaws, nowadays under way. With this extension, ULEB will represent a total of 9 European professional basketball leagues.






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