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10.00 h.
Marketing strategies directed to resources generation

Speaker : Mr. Jon Spoelstra
President, Mandalay Sports Entertainment, Professional Teams Division. USA.

Strategies to optimise attendance at sports events
Defining a ticket selling policy. How to fill sports grounds profitably, based on marketing criteria. Incidence, both at management and improvement levels, of all aspects related to improving sports events.

  • Mr. José Carlos Gaspar. Marketing Director of Málaga Unicaja. Spain.
  • Mr. Eric Beugnot. Secretary General of Asvel Villeurbanne. France.
  • Mr. Rick Taylor. Managing Director of London Towers Sporting Clubs Limited. England

11.30 h.

12.00 h.
Sponsoring as related to television at the outset of the millennium
How does the new audio-visual background affect the status of the sponsor? How does traditional sponsoring fit in with the fragmentation of the audio-visual market? Are there any parameters allowing for redesigning in sponsorship? will television continue to be the sponsoring main support?

Mr. Miguel Alfageme. President of Adecco España. Spain
Mr. Carlos Illa. Sponsorship and Advertising Director for Telefónica S.A. Spain
Mr. Rick Taylor. Managing Director of London Towers Sporting Clubs Limited. England
Mr. Leo Bassi. Benetton Treviso. Italy.

17.00 h.
Professional sport and the new media
The importance of the new technologies in professional sports, paying special attention to Internet and Mobile telephony. what effect will these new technologies have on professional sport, basically with regard to communication and resources generation?

Speaker: Mr. Jaume Ferrús.
Mediapro. Former C.E.O. of TV3 -Television of Catalonia- and former C.E.O. of Canal Satélite Digital. Spain.

Mr. Andrea Bassani. General Manager of the Lega Società Pallacanestro Serie A. Italy
Mr. Massimo Cortinovis. MP Esperia - Web & Multimedia. Italy
Mr. Fernando Marques. Infordesporto. Portugal

21.00 h.
Closing dinner hosted by Caja San Fernando followed by a "tablao flamenco".



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