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New 014 Salonica,7-11-2000



The ULEB assembly that has been held in Salonica today has reached the following agreements:


Regular season: 19-10-00, 26-10-00, 2-11-00, 9-11-00, 16-11-00, 7-12-00, 14-12-00, 21-12-00, 11-1-01, 18-1-01.
Play-offs 1/8 finals-1,8,15 February 2001
Play-offs ¼ finals: 22 feb, 1, 8March 2001
Semi-finals: 27, 29 March, 3, 5, 12 April 2001
Finals: 17, 19 April, 1, 3, 10 May 2001

Number of players

The Official List of the teams will include a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 players. Ten players will be allowed on the bench.

·Player status

The clubs may register players that, in accordance with current rules in their respective States, may participate in the national competition. Furthemore, even when national rules do not alow this:

a) Every club may contract two non-national players from States which do not belong to FIBA European Conference.
b) The clubs of European Community states which belong to the FIBA European Conference.
c) Clubs from non-European Community States which belong to the FIBA European Conference may contract national players from this territory and one national player from a European Community State. As of the 2001/2002 season this rule will be drawn up as follows:
a) Every club may contract, with no restrictions, national players from States which belong to the FIBA European Conference
b) Every club may contract two national players from States which do not belong to the FIBA European Conference


Game Days

Games will be played on Thursdays, with the possibility of moving them forward to Wednesday when necessary.


Three referees will officiate every Euroleague game. The team of Officials will be made up of 45 referees .
There will not be any age restriction for referees to participate. Those that are over the age of 50 will require a medical and physical test .
Referees will have guaranteed contracts for three years.
Travel of referees will be organized by the Central Office in previously fixed hotels. Teams will not be allowed to present the referees with gifts of any kind.


Andrea Bassani (ex-General Manager of Italian Lega) has been appointed as the Manager of Marketting and Media of the Euroleague. Mr. Bassani has 18 years of experience in the field of Television and Marketting.

Euroleague Teams

With the inclusion of Lugano, the Euroleague is made up of the following clubs: Fortitudo Bolonia, Benetton Treviso, Virtus Bolonia and Verona, representatives from Italy; Olympiakos, AEK Atenas, Paok Salónica and Peristeri, from Greece; Real Madrid Teka, FC Barcelona, Adecco Estudiantes and Tau Cerámica from Spain; Cibona and KK Zadar from Croatia; Charleroi (Belgium), Ovarense (Portugal), London Towers (U.K.), Frankfurt (Germany), Hapoel Jerusalem (Israel), Olimplia (Slovenia), Zalguiris Kaunas (Lithuania), Buducnost (Yugoslavia), Saint Petersburg Lions (Russia) and Lugano (Switzerland).


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