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New 009 Sevilla,6-17-2000


Having seen the agreements adopted by the European Bureau of FIBA at the meeting held yesterday in Munich, the position of the ULEB is as follows:

1.- The ULEB regrets that the choice made by the Bureau places special emphasis on sanctions, such as the expulsion of the ULEB from FIBA, the veiled recommendation to the National Federations to sanction the clubs that do not register for FIBA competitions, and the direct threat to those who violate FIBA rules.

2.- The ULEB wishes to state that to the present date it has not gone against any FIBA rule, neither in its actions nor in its statutes, but rather it has trusted that FIBA, through dialogue, would accept the changes that professional sports require in its management and would acknowledge the leading role of the clubs, as is the case in the most important professional leagues throughout the world.

3.- The ULEB trusts that, as a result of their closeness to the problems faced by the clubs, the National Federations will not adopt punitive actions that might give rise to disqualifications and to legal actions that would in no way help to resolve the current situation in a positive way.

4.- The ULEB cannot accept the accusation on the part of FIBA of being responsible for the rupture in the European sports structure, nor for its destabilization. On repeated occasions, the ULEB has expressed in writing its proposals for improving the competition. The ULEB proposals are respectful of the current model of competition, in that the characteristic pyramid structure of said model remains intact, respecting the competition of each National Federation and maintaining the Euroleague within the institutional framework of the International Federation, without detriment to a more autonomous management of the competition by the clubs themselves.

5.- The ULEB ratifies that the decisions of the Bureau do not alter any condition that would call for a revision of the clubs' decision and therefore the Euroleague will begin next season (2000/2001). At the same time, the ULEB will continue with its intention of remaining within FIBA. To that effect an assembly of the clubs has been convened for 21 June in order to discuss matters pertaining to the rules and regulations and organization of the new Euroleague.

6.- In fulfilment of the agreements reached by the clubs at the last assembly, the ULEB wishes to manifest that it will adopt the legal measures it considers necessary in order to protect the rights of the clubs in accordance with the sports legislation and other national and community laws.


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