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Latest News ULEB Barcelona, 10-12-2000

    Euroleague press release on the meeting between UE commissioner for Education and culture and euroleague representative's.


    New 021Athens-Madrid, 10-11-2000
    Herreros and Papanikolau missing in the EUROLEAGUE'S opening game.

    New 020Brussels, 10-10-2000
    Meeting between UE Commissioner for Education and Culture Mme. Viviane Reding and the representatives of ULEB/EUROLEAGUE.

    New 019Trieste, 9-20-2000
    1st Euroleague referee stage in Trieste.

    New 018Barcelona, 9-18-2000
    Euroleague´s executives were received by the members of the European Community Parliament.

    New 017Barcelona, 9-18-2000
    Meeting of the coaches at the EUROLEAGUE Headquarters.

    New 016Madrid, 9-13-2000
    New incorporations in Euroleague of ULEB

    New 015Barcelona, 9-04-2000
    New incorporations in Euroleague of ULEB

    New 014Salonica, 7-11-2000
    Meeting Salonica

    New 013Salonica, 7-11-2000
    Press Release

    New 012Salonica, 7-11-2000
    Quotes from Jordi Bertomeu and Costas Riga

    New 011Barcelona, 6-20-2000
    Meeting of Milan, Official Comunication

    New 010Barcelona, 6-20-2000
    The ULEB will notify the European Commission the agreement reached by the clubs and the National Leagues last 29 May for the constitution of the Euroleague

    New 009Sevilla, 6-17-2000
    The Position of the ULEB

    New 008Barcelona, 5-29-2000
    The New European League

    New 007Milan, 3-17-2000
    Meeeting in Milan, together with representants of fourteen clubs

    New 006Munich, 2-25-2000
    Meeting at FIBA's site about the decalogue approved by 14 clubs

    New 005Barcelona, 2-23-2000
    Meeeting in ULEB's site, with the new competition model for the European League proposed by FIBA

    New 004Paris, 2-10-2000
    ULEB will be made up of 9 European countries
    New 003Munich, 4-15-1999
    ULEB’s meeting in Munich
    New 002Lisboa, 9-18-1998
    ULEB’s meeting in Lisbon
    New 001Barcelona, 6-11-1998
    ULEB's meeting in Barcelona



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