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The ULEB expresses its surprise today at learning, unofficially, that FIBA's Standing Conference has voted to reject the agreement signed April 4 in Munich between ULEB and FIBA. ULEB laments that FIBA has not been able to ratify the agreement signed April 4 and authorized previously by its own Bureau. It should be remembered that all details of the agreement were discussed and accepted following a succession of meetings between negotiating committees formed by FIBA and ULEB, allowing for the signing of an agreement that, as much for FIBA as for ULEB, was considered a model for the future. The speeches of Mr. Borislav Stankovic, the Secretary General of FIBA, and Mr. Eduardo Portela, the ULEB president, given at FIBA headquarters on April 4, fostered the belief that all differences had been resolved and that, beginning on that date, all parties would work together towards a new era for European basketball.

Nonetheless, ULEB has confidence that the Secretary General of FIBA will be able to reestablish the situation before the Standing Conference concludes its meeting on Sunday.

In any case, ULEB can confirm that the continuity of its project is assured and that new clubs have shown their willingness to join the league. Next week, the general assembly of the Euroleague will meet to approve the regulations for next season.

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Meeting Salonica, Official Comunication.
The ULEB assembly that has been held in Salonica today has reached the following agreements:
  • Dates
  • Number of players
  • Player status
  • Referees
  • Game Days
  • Appointments
  • Euroleague Teams
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What's the Uleb

ULEB's purpose is to coordinately work with the respective national federations, focusing our effort in those subjects directly related to the circumstances and the problems arising from professional basketball.
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Members to Uleb

The Uleb members are:

BLB- Belgium

BBL- England
LNB- France
HEBA- Greece
LEGA- Italy
LCB- Portugal
ACB- Spain
LNBA- Switzerland

Uleb History
The professional Leagues of Italy, Spain and France founded ULEB in Rome the 25th of June of 1991. In 1996, the leagues of Greece and Portugal joined the ULEB.

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