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League HEBA, Greece
Address Kresnas 63
Phone + 30 (1) 57 22 743
Fax + 30 (1) 57 63 111
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The History of
BC Peristeri

1971- A group of young people who live in Persiteri, decide to wake up the sleeping giant. A city of many problems, abandoned and full of yearning, is living it's own dream P.B.C. is a fact.

Enthusiasm companionship, visions were the first supplies that helped accomplish a project which would signify and contribute to the upgrading of an entire city.

This social contribution has seldomly ever been shown by any other athletic organization.

Utilizing the inexhaustible forces of the entire people who are proud of their city, Peristeri B.C. managed to reach distinction in a record time and to create a "school" which is a model and guide for every Greek Club.

Today in the year 2000, when many people are still debating whether we have or we haven't entered the third millennium, P.B.C. can proudly contend that it has already succeded.

Relying on a well set base, as well as on an always improving organization and functioning on professional criteria, the Club "ornament" of Western Attica is now considered among the most significant clubs of our country in terms of morals, spectacle, commercialism and mainly social contribution that is offered to our city's youths. Pioneer in ideas, Persiteri B.c. is one of the few clubs that has as a goal and has partially succeded to bring "families" back to the games. Having a great amout of young athletes in the farm teams, P.B.C. personifies the vision and aspirations of every yougster whose aim is to establish himself socially and athletically combining in the best possible way "healthy" athletics and "professional " reality.

Eding in 4th place in the Creek league and advancing twice to the quarterfinals (8) of the Korac Cup during last decade, Persiteri B.C. expresses Greek basketball's "new force" and beyond the borderlines.

Peristeri B.C. appearances and extensions of its social contributions "touched" sentimentally top economical factors and companies of our Country.

The electric company Radio Korassidi assumed the team's sponsorship whereas the commercial rights for the jerseys hace been gices to the oil petroleum company EKO ELDA.

At the same time a great number of top companies in their fields such as NIKAS Itd., PIRAEUS BANK group of companies, PHILIPS SHARP, BIC, PIRELLI, APALOUMIN, LAKIOTIS Itd, ADIDAS are participating in the program of OFFICIAL SPONSORS originally introduced by our club helping materialize our goals.

Looding on to the future with optimism and certainty, Peristeri B.C. and the threshold of the new millennium along with the fan's support to breaden its social effort and athletic distinctions.







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