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League HEBA, Greece
Address Ethnikis Aminis 32, 546 21
Phone + 30 (31) 24 24 24
Fax + 30 (31) 24 25 26
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The History of

PAOK is the club which more or less represents the "lost territories" of the former Byzantine Empire, since it was taunted in 1924 by Greeks from Constantinoupolls who had been forced to flee and seek refuge elsewhere. Indicative therefore, of the heritage of PAOK is the club's emblem, depicting as it does the two-Headed Eagle, the symbol of the Byzantine Empire.

In 1959 reached the top for the first time. The beginning of the 1980 is found PAOK, along with many other Greek teams, beginning to reap the rewards. 1984 ended with the team in exactly the same position, but this time starts with the satisfaction of winning the cup and reaffirming the progress that was made.

In 1991, in Geneva the dream of the fans came true, to a certain extent when PAOK wins the European Cup Winners' Cup. This was to be the first of two consecutive appearances in the Final of this competition, though the outcome of the second one, where PAOK was deteatod at the dying moment, was rather more of a letdown for the 4000 fans who had travelled from all over Europe to Nantes to see the game. When, in the spring of newt year, PAOK emerged us comfortable winners of the domestic league, it was unanimously acclaimed as a triumph of perseverance.

In 1994 PAOK won the Korac Cup, in 1995 the team made it to the top again baing the runner-up of the European Cup winners'Cup in Vitoria and won the Cup of Greece. In 1999 PAOK won the Cup of Greece in Pireas. This year PAOK is one of the Greek basketball clubs that represents our country in Euroleague.






Cup of Cups

Korac Cup


National Championship

National Cup


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