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League 1 Division Germany
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The History of

The Team Frankfurt SKYLINERS was founded in 1999.

The Team took over the rights/licence from then 1. Division Team TATAMI RHONDORF to play/participate in the 1.Division of Germany.

After that they moved to Frankfurt to play their jomegames in the Ballsporthalle. In their first season which was very successful, the SKYLINERS finished in 3rd place after loosing the semifinals best-of-five Series vs. Bayer Leverkusen (2-3).

In April 2000 the SKYLINERS won the GERMAN CUP after beating the actual German Champion ALBA BERLIN.

The SKYLINERS also were playing in the SAPORTA CUP and won 10 out of 14 games before loosing to KINDER BOLOGNA in the round of the las 16 teams.

After GERMAN CAR PRODUCER "OPEL" became the Main Sponsor of the team in June 2000 the SKYLINERS officially changed their name to OPEL SKYLINERS.








German Cup


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