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The History of

In 1944 best basketball players from Kaunas united in the one team which was named "Zalgiris" shortly after that. From the beginning "Zalgiris" starts fighting for first places in Soviet Union's championship.

Just three years after "Zalgiris" climbs on top of all teams and wins a first championship in 1947. Till 1990 "Zalgiris" have won gold medals five times (1947, 1951, 1985-1987), silver medals- seven times (1949, 1952, 1980, 1983-1984, 1988-1989) and bronze medals- six times (1953-1956, 1973 and 1978).

From the 1944 many great basketball stars played for "Zalgiris"- S. Butautas, V. Kulakauskas, J. Lagunavicius, K. Petkevicius, V. Sercevicius, S. Stonkus, A. Linkevicius, M. Paulauskas, V. Chomicius, A. Sabonis, R. Kurtinaitis, S. Jovaisa, G. Einikis, A. Visockas, and others.

In 1981 new chapter begins in the team's history- for the first time "Zalgiris" participates in European Cups Winners Cup and reaches quartefinals.

More successful was another try to enter European Basketball elite in 1985 "Zalgiris" come all the way to the final game and loses the decisive game to "Barcelona".

In 1989 European Cup Winners Cup "Zalgiris" reached semifinals.

In 1990 Lithuania declares its Independence from USSR and "Zalgiris" leaves the Soviet Union championship. In Lithuania Kaunas club wins three championships without big efforts. It is obvious that to become a good team "Zalgiris" need stronger completions.

The winds of change blew in 1993 ten best Lithuania basketball clubs established first professional league-LBL. Since first season "Zalgiris" have won the titles of LBL champions and the gold-rings six times in turn.

In 1997/98 season "Zalgiris" continues to dominate in Lithuania, in Baltic countries and got the space among the best basketball clubs in Europe. "Zalgiris" at one season has won the LBL championship, the Baltic Cup and the Europe Cup. The goal-Euroleague-is achieved.

1998/99 Euroleague's debutantes-BC Zalgiris have made a good showing in I and II preliminary rounds. All play-offs matches were won enough easily. And the incredible successful in Final Four-we became the winner of the EuroLeague.

Now it may be said with confidence that "Zalgiris" has firly entered into the list of the best European teams and is going to head it for a long time.







European Champion


National Champion


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