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On Wednesday 20th of September in Brussels, Mr. Jordi Bertomeu ,the Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Andrea Bassani, Director of Marketing and Media were received by some members of the European Community Parliament.The responsible for sports of the European Community also attended the meeting.

Euroleague´s executive described their project in detail putting special emphasis on its origins, their plan and some ideas for the future.

The members of the European Community Parliament; specially Mr. Pietro Menea who was a world record´s Athletics Olympic champion; demonstrated a very big interest for this new project.

The Euroleague´s executives asked for their help in order to solve some problems like those posed by some governments such as France and also by some Federations that threaten the referees if they participate in the new league.

The members of the European Community Parliament who were very interested in the Euroleague wished the executives of the Euroleague every success and they engaged to do their best to support the Euroleague because they believe that any obstacle threatens the laws and the community spirit.

During their stay in Brussels the executives of the Euroleague presented the whole project to Charleroi, the club from Belgium which will participate in the new league.



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